Consulting expert on WordPress WebSites, SEO, Project Management and Family History Research

website development on wordpress

WebSites on WordPress

I focus on making sure your website meets your business goals. By using only the best responsive designs, wordpress plug-ins and hosting services. Your web site will be fast, secure and work across all devices.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With my SEO background I will help make sure you are using the proper keywords, HTML coding, and page speed techniques to get you listed in search engines properly.  Start out with a Free SEO Audit.

Project Management

Project Management

I know how to organize projects and tasks. Above all, I will work all phases from concept and statement of work thru project plan definition to testing and production rollout. In addition, I have worked with every methodology so I can bring that knowledge with me. Whether it’s the waterfall, agile/scrum, iterative, prototyping I adapt to your needs.

Bob W.

UI/UX Expert

Tom has an amazing ability to create a management environment that provides structure and motivation, while still giving people a sense for ownership and empowerment. Of all the development groups I worked with, Tom’s group by far excelled in both the quality and timeliness of delivered final applications. I would highly recommend Tom both as a manager and as an outstanding individual.

Family Tree

Family History Research

Whether you are starting out wanting to learn about your family history or just want to confirm the family legend I can help you. I search thru genealogical records looking for clues and answers. As a result, I make sure all information is properly sourced so it’s not guesswork or rumor. Finally, I make sure your history is accurate.

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