Case Study Local Business

Case Study of Local Business

After 7 Month Mark For This Case Study

The Case Study – Issue

In this Case Study of a local business that was struggling to generate new traffic thru their website. They were doing lots of blog posts, Facebook, Angie’s Lists, Groupon and so on but they just weren’t getting new customers via organic traffic.

The Solution

We undertook several step process as follows:

SEO Case Study Results
  • Compared features and content to 3 top local competitors, 3 similar companies in a nearby market, and 3 more from a different state but with a similar climate
  • Build a spreadsheet of common features and unique features
  • Build a new site structure based on this comparison
  • Did keywords research for every node in the new structure assigning a primary, secondary and third-level keyword phrase
  • Rewrote the content for each new page/node on the site using the keyword phrases
  • We built a local page for each city and major neighborhood in the service area
  • Made sure that company details matched between Google Business, Facebook, Website and all directories
  • Built around 20 new major backlinks
  • Optimized the site for technical factors – speed, image size, image alt text, and so on

The case study results – After 7 months

  • Google Mobile Speed went from 1 to 77
  • Google Desktop Speed went from 1 to 96
  • Page load time went from 4+ Seconds to 2
  • Page size went from 3.5 MB to 600Kb
  • Organic visits went from 320 to 2,635 (using Unique pageview from Google Analytics)
  • Tracked call volume went from 2 calls per month to 94 (30% conversion rate to new clients)
  • Revenue tracked for a 2 week period in May was over $40k. Past months estimated revenue was $1,200

Overall the client is extremely happy and we continue to tweak and improve their website. They have had to add Staff as a result of the increased business.

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