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Trace Your Family Tree

  • Have you ever wondered what country your ancestors came from, where family members went, or how they got there?
  • Are there names in your family that have been passed down through the generations?
  • Do you want to uncover the truths behind a family tale?
  • Would you like to know the occupations of your ancestors?
  • Is there a street or town named after someone in your family?

My Family Search

Above all, I will help you trace answers to these and other questions by searching through many types of genealogical sources.  With a detailed ancestry search, I will include census records, vital statistics records, land records, church records, and more! Finally, I do the detailed family history research to help discover your family story.  By thoroughly researching your ancestors we can learn a lot about your family.

In conclusion, by performing detailed family history research, I will help establish your ancestry and build your family tree.  You won’t need to wonder “what is my ancestry?” anymore.

Specializing in records from the United States, France, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway and Ireland.  Furthermore, I am always willing to pursue records from other locations as well.

So please contact us with any questions you have and for a free initial consultation on your family history research project or Order Now

Sample of My Google Reviews

Genealogy Google Reviews
Google Reviews

Who can benefit from Genealogy Services?

  • Anyone with an interest in researching their family tree. If you have a specific interest in Canada, the United States, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, France and Ireland I can help
  • You don’t have the time or resources to do it on your own, therefore 
    this is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about their family history
  • First-time genealogists who want help starting their research
  • Those who have some knowledge of their ancestors, but would like to find more records to enhance their information
  • Long-time genealogists who want a new pair of eyes to look at their own personal research and help them try and find new information

You will get the following  as part of your purchase:

  • First an initial consultation is free
  • Also a review of information provided by client
  • Formulation of work plan
  • Research and analysis
  • Written genealogy research report of findings, including negative findings. Pedigree Chart
  • Ahnentafel (Ancestor Table) Report
  • Ancestor Box Chart (Family Tree Chart)
  • Individuals List
  • Copies of records
  • Copies of photos
  • Copies of Newspaper articles found
  • Summary of research process
  • Recommendations for future research

Professional Genealogist Costs

We offer affordable family history research at flat rate packages. As you see bleow, you get the ease of mind knowing that you wont’ get a surprise bill for your research request. Professional Genealogist Rates can get astronomical. I focus on delivering value and reasonable hourly rates upon request.