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SEO is a marketing discipline used to enhance visibility in organic (non-paid) search results. It uses both the technical and creative elements required to improve your rankings, drive traffic and increase overall awareness in search engines. SEO requires a cohesive thought process and proper site linking. Ensuring that your site is structured in a way that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other engines understand what your site is about.

What Goes Into Search Optimization?

There are 5 key factors that goes into your ranking.

  1. Content – how valuable is it? Does it answer a question?
  2. Backlinks – who and where do links to your website come from?
  3. User Experience
  4. SEO Technical Factors
  5. On-Page Factors
Search Engine Optimization SEO for organic traffic improvements

Content – why is it important and what does it mean?

Content is pretty simple – will the reader find your content valuable? Will it answer a question or fulfill a need? You need to have valuable content to drive organic traffic to your site. It’s a lot of work and not something that is done once and never again. You must constantly be updating existing content and adding new content that is relevant.

This is also where keyword research and usage is critical. You have to have a keyword phrase in mind for every page. Compare to your competitors, what content is found when you use your primary keyword phrase, find out what related searches there are, and what suggested alternative phrases come up?

You have to do a lot of keyword analysis to ensure you are writing for the right keyword phrase and that you include 1 or more secondary keyword phrases in your headings and paragraphs.

SEO isn’t only about building search-friendly sites, it’s also gearing your website to your customers! Writing content that is for your intended audience will have the largest impact on success. There are several audit tools we use to help review your site – we need to make sure you have no broken links for example. Two really important items are to utilize Google search tools and the Google search console along with 2 or more third party tools.

Ultimately, your content is the highest ranking factor for search engines. Lets partner together to make sure you content is found by the search engines and in particular by Google search..

Backlinks or Who Is Linking To Your WebSite

The quality and quantity of people linking to your WebSite matter a lot. Google says the quality is far more important than quantity. You don’t want links to your site from known spammers or suspicious sites. You need to keep an eye on your backlinks because if Google sees some from these questionable sources it can negatively affect your site’s rankings.

Make sure you get quality links – trade sites, local directories, nationally well-known directories and so on.

Research Process – General

Step 1

Pick See Keywords

Step 2

Collect Suggestions from SEO Toolset

Step 3

Choose Terms based on volume and competition levels

Step 4

Analyze keyword difficulty

Step 5

Map the keywords to your site structure and pages

Proper keyword research is critical to success. I will help perform extensive research to help identify the best possible list.

Take the list below – which of these would this website want to rank for? Why? What content is relevant? And so on. You have to dig into the context around each keyword phrase.

Example Keywords:

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User Experience

This is really simple – will the user find what they are looking for on your site? Is it easy to find? Is your site easy to navigate (i.e. is the site structure well thought out?).

  • Measured over time by watching click-thru rates (CTR) and bounce rates.
  • Make sure your URL is descriptive
  • Fix all broken links
  • Use snippets on your site where appropriate
  • Always make sure your site is secure – HTTPS

Technical Factors

There are many technical factors to consider and use

  • Mobile friendly – google checks and ranks mobile-friendly sites higher. This is also called responsiveness. Make sure your theme and plugins are mobile responsive. If your site is not mobile-friendly it will rank lower than your competitors
  • Page Speed – this is critical. People don’t wait more than 1.5 or 2 seconds for a page to load. If your page takes 6 seconds to load your bounce rate will increase by over 100%! This is more critical to user experience than your Google ranking.

On-Page Optimizations

On-page optimization is also a large player in the space and for that, we will look at the technical factors as well. See below.

On page optimization
on page seo
seo technical

Google uses several items that are coded or embedded on your pages. Meta tags helps Google understand your content and structure. Google pays attention to the content in your heading tags, the content in your page title, how many internal links come to this page and where links on the page to go and so on.

I will help you take these 5 Google signal areas into account on your site so you can rank as high as possible.

Sample of Our Google Reviews

SEO Google Reviews
SEO Google Reviews

SEO Audit, SEO Review and SEO Recommendations

seo audit, seo review, and seo recommendations

Now offering one-time, monthly, and quarterly audits. Take advantage of the monthly audits to compare progress month-over-month and receive recommendations each month on changes.

Prices starting at $500/mos. Find out more by contacting us now!

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We offer monthly WebSite Support, new WebSite development, and recurring WebSite work.

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Project Management– whether it’s custom software or website development I can manage the project to ensure success!

SEO Optimization

seo Technical
free website ranking report
website ranking report


  1. Support from your web development team
  2. Access to Google Analytics data
  3. Access to Google Webmaster Tools account


1. CONTENT – heading tags, readability, lists, call to action and more
2. CRAWL – indexed site, 404x errors, missing pages, redirects
3. SITEMAPS – structuring your site to help them crawl properly by Google, etc.
4. ROBOTS.TXT – do you have one, is it complete are there errors?
5. IMAGES – alt text, size, optimization, CDN
6. ARCHITECTURE – intuitive URL structure with clues to related content
7. INTERNAL LINKS – descriptive text, usage of no-follow
8. TITLES – descriptive, different from other meta fields
9. META DESCRIPTION – does it show on results pages?
10. SITE SPEED – does it come back in under 2 seconds?
11. BUSINESS – Google My Business Review
12. LOCAL FACTORS – directories and citations
13. KEYWORDS – titles, headlines, long-tail keywords in text

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