SEO For Your Google Business Page

A lot of people will tell you to make sure you claim your Google Business page. And you absolutely should. Once you have done that – then what? You can do a lot of things with your Google business page that can help your SEO.

Some of these tips are pretty basic and they take work/time of course. SEO is one of those things you can never stop doing.

  • Make sure you vitals like address and phone match exactly between Google Business and your Website.
  • Publish and rotate GMB posts. There are several handy sites you can use for this. is one such site. Another is the Snap Autoposter WordPress plugin. You may want to try each and see which works best for you. Regular posting on all your social media sites is important. Remember to always include links back to your site.
  • Make sure your description is completely filled out with all relevant information and keywords
  • Respond to all reviews and answer all questions. It’s even better if the reviews include your keyword + city
  • Upload relevant pictures and videos with your keywords in the title
  • Publish your free that Google provides. This can be a mini-site with links back to your main site.

seo google business

Remember Google Business is smart business as well as one cog in your overall SEO strategy.