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What is SEO? Why is it talked about so much in conjunction with the internet and websites? Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is actually a lot simpler than most people make it seem. It is presenting the web pages of a website in the format that Google and other search engines like. It is making sure that they follow the specific guidelines, as defined by Google, that they are looking for. You are not trying to trick the Search Engines. You will be penalized sooner or later for using methods that attempt to do so. Gerber Consultants is the top choice for a Tampa SEO company that knows how to increase web traffic and get your Website working for you!

At Gerber Consultants we pride ourselves with using the correct methods of SEO, in a way that your websites web pages are recognized for what they are all about. We make sure each one of our client’s web pages has all these SEO elements. Tampa is a beautiful area in central Florida. Enjoy the beaches, events and build your business here.

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Project Management– whether it’s custom software or website development I can manage the project to ensure success!

It is important to note that the main key metric or statistic that you monitor for the effectiveness of SEO work is the overall site traffic. You should look at it week-to-week, month-to-month and year to year. If traffic goes up, the SEO is working. If traffic declines then the SEO is not working. Pretty simple. Sometime we will optimize a specific page on your site so we will also monitor this optimization page by page.

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