SEO Writing Tips – Cross-Posting

SEO Writing Tips for Cross-Posting Your Blog to Various Social Media Platforms

SEO Writing Tips

Over time many clients have asked me about posting to Facebook or LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms. I have pulled together hints and tips from a variety of sources into one consolidated page. I hope this information helps your postings and brings your more traffic.


  1. URL/Slug = keyword phrase
  2. Page Title contains keyword phrase
  3. H1 contains keyword phrase
  4. image filename = keyword phrase
  5. Image alt text = keyword phrase
  6. First paragraph contains keyword phrase
  7. Content contains links back to other pages on the Website
  8. Do not overuse your keyword phrase.  If your post is long put your keyword in the last paragraph too.

General Google My Business

This article from Moz is really one of the best resources I have read on GMB.

Google Postings on GMB

  1. Pick the right type of post:  Product, Announcement, Event, Special Offer, etc.
  2. Google only shows first 100 charaters on search results
  3. Google recommends length of 150-300 characters but focus on first 100 characters
  4. Images appear best at 720×720.  It won’t take anything smaller than 720×540.
  5. Posts disappear from search results after 7 days
  6. Use UTM tracking code on any URLs back to the website
    • ?utm_source=google&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=GMB
  7. Select the right button – Learn More or Call Now.  It’s an odd drop down right above the URL

General Twitter:

  1. Google uses your Twitter Bio content as the meta description of your Twitter profile 
  2. Give your Twitter photo file a keyword-based name separated by dashes before uploading it. Say “xyz-la-fitness-training.jpg” – just as you do in #4 above.
  3. Make sure that your image is limited 250 x 250 pixels for optimal page loading speed.


  1. Use URL shorteners to save character space
  2. Don’t just post a link – post a portion of the page/blog with a link to it
  3. Use the primary keyword in the 120 characters
  4. Retweet other useful tweets.  They, in turn, may retweet yours helping links
  5. Use your keyword as a hashtag – hashtags are keywords for twitter
  6. Don’t overuse hashtags


  1. Use your keyword as the image filename you upload to LinkedIn
  2. Title length 40-49 characters
  3. At least one image.  8 seems to be the magic number though
  4. List and How To posts rank best.  Questions do not do well on LinkedIn
  5. Divide post into 5 headings
  6. LinkedIn users enjoy long posts!   2,000 words even.


  1. Take advantage of the descriptive fields (photo descriptions and status updates) to add keywords because even if it takes only one minute to fill in everything, it can make a difference in your ranking. 
    • Keep in mind that this text will become the SEO title of your Facebook post.
  2. Google also places a higher value on the first word of the post, so be sure that it is relevant. 
  3. The first 18 characters of a post can become a meta description for search engines
  4. Add “read more…” link back to the web site

I hope these SEO Writing Tips for social media helps you with your cross posting!