What Are Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets are those little boxes you see at the top of Google search results (SERP). Typically they answer a question that you have typed in.

For example, if we ask “How do insurance Claims work?” what do we get back? In the image below you see the first item is an answer to the question. Usually, this answer is pulled from one of the top 10 organic results further down.

what are featured snippets

Featured snippets won’t help your ranking but where they do help is your click thru rate. Features snippets are usually a short paragraph directly after a question. It may also be a numbered or bulleted list of items. As you can see they are very prominent on the search results page. They take up a lot of space and will lead to more clicks. Usually, your site already has to be in the top 10 search results to get the featured snippet – although if the topic is more obscure you can grab the featured snippet from outside the top 10.

An ahrefs study found that if the question and your content contain one of these 5 words you have a better chance of ranking:

  1. Recipe
  2. Best
  3. Vs.
  4. Make
  5. Definition

Given this information you can potentially grab the features snippet spot.

What are featured snippets and how do I make a featured snipppet?

  • See which of your current keywords show features snippets
  • Compare to your keyword ranking
  • If the keyword currently gets featured snippets and your keyword is currently in the top 10 then you have a shot!
    • Write content that answers a question – what, why, how
    • Put the question in an H2 tag
    • Follow the question with immediate and direct answer in a paragraph or list
    • Format the answer as steps or sequence
    • Use an optimized image – images are often shown in the featured snippet
  • The featured snippet should be around 50 words in length. Don’t overdo it.
  • Try to answer multiple related questions in one featured snippet

If you want to find related questions that maybe no one has answered yet a really cool site is Answer the Public. Here you can type in a question and get a bunch of related questions back. It’s also just a fun place to get new content ideas too.

Your website’s How To area or Q&A area are ripe for featured snippet optimization!

I hope this short article has helped you consider updating your content for featured snippets.