Why Are Regular SEO Audits Important?

why are regular seo audits important

An SEO Audit can tell you many things – for example, it will help identify issues with site speed, heading tags, page titles, and so on. However, are you done after an audit? Not at all. You really need to do regular SEO audits – monthly is preferred or worst case quarterly. I have clients ask me all the time why do I need to take on this expense and effort?

As with anything else that has a lot of moving parts, you need to do routine care and maintenance. You do regular oil changes and checkups on your car, your furnace, your teeth, and your health. The web is a constantly evolving platform.

Reasons to perform a recurring audit:

  • Search engines constantly update their Algorityms
    • This can affect your site ranking on the search results page
    • You site speed scores could change which will also affect your position on results pages
  • Your competitors aren’t sitting still
    • They are ranking for new keywords
    • Adding new content
    • Updating their site to get ahead of you
  • SEO Rules change
    • As Google changes the SEO strategies need to change. This will mean changes your web site
  • Backlinks
    • Do you have good backlinks?
    • Have some of your backlinks gotten flagged by Google as spam? Thus affecting your site?

An SEO audit can really improve your site both for your business but also your customers. It can help you focus on key features, new content to add, content to update. It will help your user experience thus leading to more business.

What are the benefits and why will it take time to improve?

  • Get more traffic to your site
  • Increased search engine visibility
  • Get traffic via referrals
  • Remember that Google does not really want instant improvements. They want to deliver the best experience for their customers. You should want this too.
  • It normally takes time to make changes to your website and professional SEO is not a one-time event as we have covered above.
  • Google does not monitor your site on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. They index your site with their bots on a periodic basis, therefore, the changes you are making for SEO may not register right away.
  • SEO is a competitive practice and your competition is always trying to rank higher than you do. That’s one reason it is so important to monitor your competitors on a regular basis as well as implementing a recurring SEO Audit service.
  • At the end of the day, you simply have to accept that improvements to your rankings on the search engines take time and while professional SEO work can accelerate this process, it still takes time and you have to make a consistent effort to achieve your SEO goals to rank for your keywords.

Remember SEO Audits are a tool to improve your business. Just like creating brochures, ads or really great products. Your Website is your company. Treat it with the care it deserves.